October 9, 2008

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By Morley Evans

T he United States Government has bailed out the mavins of money on Wall Street again with a "rescue plan" that gives 700 BILLION dollars to the richest people in the world. Does that seem right? When was the last time the government offered to bail you out? This does clearly indicate who is important in the U.S.A. It is not you. You do not count, at all. Don't feel bad. Even General Motors with its hundreds of thousands of employees and executives does not count. Wall Street counts. You don't, American citizen. Years ago, Henry Ford was worried that Wall Street was plotting to take over the huge company he had founded and built, the Ford Motor Company. Ford knew who had the power.

Nothing has changed.

But take heart. The 700 BILLION dollars is just play money. The United States government doesn't have any money to give to Wall Street. The U.S. Government has been running annual deficits for years. The U.S. National Debt is over TEN TRILLION DOLLARS (that is BIG Bucks — it's over $10,000,000,000,000) that they owe. The annual National Deficit was $476,000,000,000 in 2004. The U.S. Federal Government always spends more than it has. It has gotten worse since George W. Bush became POTUS and decided to declare war on the world in 2001.

From where will the government get $700 BILLION to give to Wall Street? Why, the government will borrow it, of course. From whom will the government borrow it? From the Chinese, of course. Why will they loan money to the United States? The Chinese, and others, have mountains of dollars they have been accepting as payment for all the goods that we have been buying from them. The only thing we have that they want to buy are Treasury Bills (U.S. Debt). If they don't buy something, they would just sit on a mountain of worthless paper "money".

You and your neighbours are expected, and expect, to pay your bills. You expect people to pay what they owe you, like your wages. Happily, almost everyone does pay his bills. That is how it works out here in the real world of honourable and honest people. The government and the people who run the government have no intention of ever paying their bills. They expect you to pay them. How will you pay the $700 BILLION that the government just gave to the richest people in the world, along with the trillions of dollars of other debt the government has run up?

You will pay it because the dollars you have are already worth less now than they were before the bailout. The Chinese will pay for it too because the dollars they have are worth less now too. It used to be called inflation. But since the sixties, when people caught on to the game, the government and the central bankers have found new ways to cover up what they are doing. Even the richest people in the world who were given the $700 BILLION Bailout will have less. But they got their dollars first, so they won't notice.

It is a crooked game. The people who run it deserve no respect. They call themselves "honourable"? They are scum. They should be swinging from the lamp posts. When hyperinflation comes and people are buying groceries with wheelbarrows of play money, it will be a swinging time.

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