November 22, 2007

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By Morley Evans

Dear Henry,

T our insight that girls need a father was new to me. Girls need to bond with a father they can love and trust (which explicitly means someone who won't try to have sex with them). They need a father to support them, to tell them they are beautiful and smart, and who will reassure them that they will be happy, competent, desirable and successful when they become women. Without such a father, girls often try to become their father — the man they didn't have in their life, the indispensable part that was missing. Queen Elizabeth I is a good example. She might be the best example. She never knew her father; her father killed her mother; her own sister (Mary) tried to kill her.

Young women are in love with their fathers and they seek a husband who is like their father. They do not have sex with their father. They trust a man they do not have sex with and who is not always trying to seduce them. What's wrong with "dating"? Dating is not courtship. The wedding night is the first time these women surrender to the man they love, the man who will be the father of their children, the man who will stick it out "'til death do us part." This man will be her husband. He will be her other half. They will be joined in love for life — joined forever. One.

Now I see the pernicious effect of pornography. It destroys this utterly. The "sexual revolution" has destroyed the foundation of human society. People used to say that couples who have sex before they are married can expect to be divorced. Trial marriages have the same effect. I heard this when Hugh Hefner's "Playboy Philosophy" was first published when I was in Grade 9. But Hefner's case looked persuasive to me when I was thirteen. What could these old fuddy-duddies know? And look at these babes in Hefner's glossy magazine. They are beautiful, young, wholesome: They are "the girl next door"!

In my own lifetime all the things some people said would happen have happened. Divorce is pandemic; homosexuality is vigorously promoted; the birth rate is zero; churches are empty; the "sex industry" is offered on prime-time TV as a possible career option for young girls. Your daughter could become a "ho", a stripper, or a DOMINATRIX. Homos (oh, gosh, we don't want to be rude) design the curriculum in elementary schools; they are ordained as bishops. Gender hatred regularly becomes serial murder and mass murder. Suicide and abortion are legal options to snuff out life at both ends. Pornography is everywhere. Join the military. Defend our "freedom". Learn a skill. Become a trained killer using the latest technology.

The culture of death pervades. Our "enemies", whoever they might be, don't need to do a thing. We are doing everything ourselves to ensure our own destruction. We don't need any help from anyone. Meanwhile, our goons continue spreading "duh-mock-ricy" worldwide at the point of the machine gun and the bomb. People everywhere can learn so much from us. They should thank us for the noble sacrifices we are making for them.

Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll — "rock videos" look like Dante's Inferno.

What has happened is unbelievable!

Thank you for this insight, Henry.

If I had a wish, only one wish, I would wish someone had explained this to me when I was 12 years old. It would not have saved me from every mistake I've made and every tragedy that befell, but it would have prevented quite a few of them. Would I have believed people had I been told? Maybe not. Who knew? Playboy Magazine was the wooden horse that we Trojans wheeled through the gates. We celebrated its arrival. Then we fell into a drunken slumber.

Were we tricked? Were we innocent victims?

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

- Morley Evans

Henry Makow

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